Today’s Adventure

Today’s hike was especially fruitful!  Abundance abounded!

I have so much gratitude that my backyard backs up to 15 acres of woods, yes in Cincinnati, Ohio!  It is always amazing to discover the name of a plant I’ve been watching.  There is a large, beautiful meadow at the end of a trail I take from my backyard.  I like to give everything fun names, makes it more of an adventure!  So I walked through the Enchanted Fairy Forest to Bird Spirit Holler (feeling my Appalachian roots : ) ).  It received its name from the frequent sightings of hawks, vultures, and many others flying overhead.  There is a small stream that runs through, creating a slight wetland feel to the meadow.  I’d been wondering what this tall leek-like plant was.  I realized, if I’m right, it’s actually cattails (typha spp.)!  I’ll have to wait until they flower and see if the spikes develop to be sure, though.

Then, I strayed ever so slightly from my usual path and made such a fantastic find!  I was overjoyed, the plant whose genus is my last name: mugwort (artemisia vulgaris).   Wow!  I love this plant, how it effects dreams, it’s slight bitter taste, the whiteness of the leaf’s underside.  That white sheen has lent to its planting in “Moon Gardens”.  Unfortunately, when I took out my camera, I realized I forgot the memory card, so this will have to do until next time:



I followed a deer trail up the hill.  I was awestruck by a grove of baby pawpaw (asimina triloba) trees.  I marvelled at all these babies with no parents in sight.  It was made even more amazing by the may apple (podophyllum peltatum) village that laid like a carpet under the pawpaws!  I will definitely have to get a picture of this next time.  It is so amazing that the only part of this plant that is not poisonous is the fruit.   And their life cycle gives me so much reverence for this plant!  Here’s what may apples look like, if you don’t already know.

mayapple large

Right next to the grove, there is a luxurious moss-covered mound.  I relaxed atop it for awhile enjoying the view of the deciduous canopy.  Eventually I retrieved my binoculars to check out the woodpecker making its way around a dead tree.  There were so many wonder-inspiring moments on that hike!  But I guess wonder is within and where you choose to find it.

While out, I wildcrafted wood sorrel, clover, cleavers, an abundance of chickweed, plantain, dandelion, dead nettles, ground ivy, chicory and others for herbal vinegar.  I also found the first red clover flowers of the season!  They are so tasty, like honey.

So, yes, quite the journey!

And to make the day even better, I got my ridiculously huge (even though I restrained myself) seed order from Horizon Herbs!  Can’t wait to plant the perennial herb garden!

Joy joy joy & Green Blessings to you all!


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  1. 1

    What a lovely journey, and how wonderful you’re neighbors to the woods! I love the idea of naming everything – there’s such power (and fun) in doing that. I look forward to reading more of your adventures and sharings here.

  2. 2

    Judy Geringer said,

    I really enjoyed reading about your deer encounter. This English teacher will forgive your “run-on sentence” because your appropriate punctuation disqualifies it from being run-on.


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