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If a Tree (Stump) Felt in the Forest & Other Adventure Tales



Feeling stumped, but not in the usual way.  What does that really mean anyway, does anybody know?  I’ve been pondering about stumps lately.  All these old trees I’ve known, my friends, that are now stumps, make me a little sad.

I’ll admit it, I’m a total treehugger.  I get attached to trees and their wise old souls.  With all the meditation I’ve been doing, the quietness of trees is even one more reason for me to love them.  I’ve had close relationships with at least two hollow trees.  There is something truly amazing about standing inside of a tree.  It’s like a whole other world.  I totally recommend it!

Lately I’ve been working on my throat chakra.  One of the last things I learned about the throat chakra was its connection to breath and the fear of death (ooh, nice rhyme), like the last breath.  My fear of death became more apparent once I got pregnant because this other person was depending on me.

So that brings us full circle back to the stumps and the question of the day, Do they feel?  Sitting on one, thinking about all the life it held and all the life it will bring, makes me wonder.  What do you think?


I continue to work on my meditation.  Lately I ‘ve been trying to connect to the elements more, especially during this quiet time of my day.  Today I found a great meditation spot, and it inspired poetry.

I start down the trail

and feel the sun warm my face

after its long winter absence.

I give thanks to fire

and feel connected to all those who came before

and performed their spring rituals.

I sit on a stump to meditate,

take in the sounds of the flowing creek below

and give thanks to the waters of the world.

I focus on my breath, still my mind,

and give thanks to the air

and the trees and plants who purify it.

I connect to the earth beneath my feet,

holding me up with strength,

and give thanks to the Mother.

I feel

I listen

I breathe

I stand

I give thanks.

creekside meditation ampitheater


Spring is like first love all over again, except less painful.  Everywhere you turn, there are beautiful surprises.  Every day when I go out in the woods, I see a new sprout I didn’t see the day before.

cleavers and wild onions

winter aconite

spring beauty

First it was aconite, then chickweed, spring beauty yesterday, and cleavers and the anxiously awaited TOOTHWORT today!  Toothwort is one of my favorites, its beautiful flowers, toothed leaves, and shocking horseradishey tasting, tooth-shaped root.  It’s one of the first edible wild plants of the year, foreshadowing many more tasty plants and gorgeous days of fantastic weather full of opportunities to hike and explore.

a harvested toothwort and its tooth


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